First Event

Art Exhibition/ Competition


Pupils/students participate in arts/crafts competition with artworks in different ways in the school premises under the direct supervision of the art teachers and the committee members. The competition is in three stages namely the Preliminary stage (artworks done during class activities), the second stage (competition), and the Exhibition stage. During the first stage the arts teachers screen pupils based on their artworks done during arts lesson (the idea here is to recognize and encourage pupils/students dedication and participation during regular lesson). The best artworks selected automatically qualifies for the second stage.

The second stage pupils/ students across sections apart from the one who automatically qualifies in the first stage will be screened and involved in the second stage competition. The third stage is the exhibition. Students and pupils exhibit personal works and all artworks produced will be displayed in the main hall for the school community and invited guests to purchase and view. In addition, the winners of the art competition across sections will be recognized and given awards. The revenue from purchased pupils/students artworks will be shared 60% to the artists while the school takes 40%.


1st Stage: 23 November, 2022 (Selection of best artworks done for the term during art class).
2nd Stage/Competition: 13 February, 2023 Exhibition stage/grand finale: 16 March, 2023


!st stage: Pupils and students based on their artworks produced during art lesson.
2nd stage/Competition: Open to interested pupils and students across section.

Resource Requirements

Painting/drawing paper pads
Painting palate
Assorted frames
Gallery framing/exhibition materials
Temporary exhibit walls/dividers

Second Event

Cultural Night


– Newscasting in indigenous languages;
– Poems, rhymes, folktales, riddles, and jokes;
– Group dance;
– Individual performances;
– Unity dance


1st week of June, 2023


– Parents
– Prospective parents
– Heads of schools, Senior Management Staff of schools
– Members of Olumawu School staff
– Well wishers
– Corporate bodies
– Department of quality assurance
– Students from other schools

Resource Requirements

1.Proposed programme of the event
– Arrival/Red carpet: 4:00 – 5pm
– Main event : 5:00 – 9:00pm
– Departure: 9:00pm
2. Sponsorship/sources of funds for the event: The committee members agreed that:
– we solicit funds from corporate bodies, such as banks and also from selected parents in our school
– the cultural night will be a ticketed event.
– every food vendor (local food) will be charged a token fee that day.
3. Assignment of duties to members of the committee:
– Publicity: Bassey Akpan, Florence Jatau, and Chinyere Igwe
– Tickets: Adaku Amba and Naomi Obaje
– Design and art: Robert Ikpo
– Registration of food vendors’ stands: Brenda Bur and Joy Maurice
– Co-ordinators: Chioma Ekeh and Chinedu Vincent Okoro.

Third Event

Open House


– A tour of the school by members of the public
– Mini lessons/training modules to be organized for participants in Preschool, Primary and Secondary


Saturday 27 May, 2023


– Prospective parents
– Current parents
– Senior Management Staff of Schools-Heads of Schools, Principals, Vice Principals, etc.
– Education Officials-DQA, ERC, NAPPS, etc.
– Teachers in other schools
– Students
– Members of the public

Resource Requirements

– 30th anniversary banner
– 2 interactive classes in each section (projectors, screens, connectivity)
– The hall to be ready for plenary (big screen, projector, extra fans, PA System, 30th anniversary backdrop)
– Keynote address by the Director (Olumawu at 30-The journey so far OR Achieving the Vision, Mission of Olumawu at 30)
– Refreshment 450 guests, 47 prefects, (Tuckshop to provide small chops, malt, water)

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