Dr. Felicia L. Jackson has been an educationist for over 25 years. Originally from the United States, she has been an educator in Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee, and Mississippi. She holds a doctorate and a specialist degree in education from Union University, a master of arts degree from the University of Detroit, Mercy and a bachelor of science degree from Central State University.

Dr. Jackson is also an education consultant. She is passionate about training educators to be highly qualified and master teachers. Dr. Jackson knows that the best way to help children reach their highest academic goals is to have a highly trained and competent educator in the classroom. She believes that an educator should always be a student, and she is a proud life long learner.



Hello Friends,

Let me be the first to welcome you to Olumawu School. As one of the pioneering private schools in Abuja, Olumawu has a proud legacy of being a school with academic excellence and strong moral discipline. Our beautiful campus is in the heart of Wuse 2, in the City Center Community.

Our robust curriculum offers a challenging and engaging opportunity for students to reach their highest academic potential.

Our highly trained teachers are skilled in using data to track students’ academic success. They also remain committed to their professional growth by understanding that an educator must always remain a student.

Olumawu has always been a family-oriented school. Chief Mrs. Margrete Audu, our founder, was a highly skilled educator. She founded the school because she believed in the power of education. For 26 years the school has maintained its standard to educate children who will be leaders in everything that is transformational and inspiring in Nigerian

I hope that you will take the opportunity to visit our campus. I am sure that you will be in awe of what is waiting for you and your family behind our gates.


Dr. Felicia L. Jackson