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House System

One primary goal at Olumawu is to create a sense of community on our campus and among our students, faculty, and parents. The Olumawu House system is an effective way to build a stronger community spirit within our school. Through four Houses: Mamman House, Aduke House Ifejola House, and Halima House, children not only develop closer friendships with students on their grade level, but they also develop significant relationships with children in all grades.

Houses provide students the opportunity to create stronger connections with members of the faculty who belong to the same House. The relationship allows the House faculty to follow the progress of the students in their House through the grade levels. The monitoring leads to closer mentoring, less anonymity, and a stronger network of support for every child.

Mamman House

Mamman House

Aduke House

Aduke House

Ifejola House

Ifejola House

Halima House

Halima House


House point system is a traditional feature in British schools which exist to provide pastoral care and a healthy competition between the students of each house


  1. To embody the values and ethics of the school, which are :
  2. Academic excellence
  3. Moral discipline
  4. And global perspective
  5. To provide pastoral care for all students and staffs.
  6. To provide opportunity for students and staffs to develop their social, intellectual, physical and practical skills.
  7. The give a sense of achievement both within and outside of classroom
  8. To provide healthy competition amongst students through the various houses
  9. To create a sense of belonging and family in the students
  10. To create a platform for recognition and reward of good behaviours.
  11. To strengthen the school community and foster good relationships
  12. To create a platform for inter-house sport competition.
  13. It helps give leadership positions to students there by developing their potentials as students
  14. It helps to make students see that
  15. When we make good choices, it can be good for everyone.
  16. We will all be successful if we work hard and work together.


They attract huge loss of point, they should not happen on our campus

  1. Fighting
  2. Bullying
  3. Stealing


  • Consistent Participation in Activities
  • Consistency in Assignment Delivery
  • Acts of Kindness
  • Distinct character and core values
  • Leading Discussions
  • Positive Role Model
  • Creativity Exploration
  • Self-Motivation, Sustained Improvement and development
  • Contribution to an Event
  • Excellent Attendance and Punctuality in class and events
  • Subject Leader Honours
  • Designed Sport competition amongst house


  1. 100% attendance at the end of the term
  2. Students who didn’t receive any tardy slip through the term
  3. Students who never got booked or written up


They attract large house points

  1. Showing respect to teachers and fellow students
  2. Winning a tournament for the school
  3. Creativity

It is good to work with other people towards a goal.