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Olumawu Professional Learning Center for Teacher & Leadership Development

Mission:  We provide training and coaching services that allow educational professionals and institutions to create internal processes and procedures that will maximize educators and students’ growth and capacity.

Vision: We foresee an educational community that flourishes in the power of it purpose; where educators recognize their full potential and build their capacity to allow their students to maximize their growth.

What we do

The Olumawu Professional Learning Center, in partnership with The Polyphony Group, offers training and coaching workshops designed to give educators the knowledge, skills, and disposition needed to improve Critical Success Factors in their education environments.  Through a transformational action learning process, educators will build capacity in the areas of data driven culture, teacher quality, academic performance, leadership effectiveness, and other CSFs.

Critical Success Factors

The Mission and Vision Statements are the heart of an organization, but the Critical Success Factors (CSFs) are the veins that pump life into the heart.

John F. Rockford defined Critical Success Factors as: “The limited number of areas in which results, if they are satisfactory, will ensure successful competitive performance for the organization. They are the few key areas where things go right for the business to flourish.  If results in these areas are not adequate, the organization’s efforts for the period will be less than desired.”

What are the Critical Success Factors that will help your school S.A.I.L. F.A.R?

School Climate & Culture
Academic Achievement
Increased Learning Time
Leadership Effectiveness

Family & Community Engagement
Accessing and Analyzing Quality Data
Recruitment & Retention of Quality Educators

What is Polyphony?

By definition, polyphony is the style of simultaneously combining a number of parts, each forming an individual melody and harmonizing with each other. This is the pinnacle of success for teams and organizations – when individuals come together as collective, driving unprecedented solutions and outcomes, through exceptional individualized performance and a collective vision, this is the unleashing of polyphony. It occurs when each individual operates at their highest level of knowledge, skills and abilities with a concerted effort in working effectively in collaboration with others.

 How do we do it?

Using the Polyphony Model, The Olumawu Professional Learning Center can help education institutions identify, define, monitor and measure their CFSs.  Our team will develop training and coaching program to fit your organizations needs to maximize your desired outcomes.

For each CSFs, there is a menu of training options.  Your organization can select the training option that will meet your needs, or we can design trainings specifically for your desired outcomes.

At the Olumawu Professional Development Center, we believe that although there are professional development needs that are universal for all educational organizations, we also understand that education institutions have their own unique ethos, and individualized professional development training must be designed to meet each organizations needs.