Welcome to Olumawu School

Motto: Service to God and Humanity.

Modern- Secure Boarding Facility

Challenging students to soar academically

Come and be a part of a trail of excellence


Olumawu School is an award winning, private, co- educational day and boarding school located in the heart of Abuja, in the City Center area, at 92, Ademola Adetokunbo Crescent, Wuse 2.

We offer a Crèche through Senior Secondary academic program, instructed by highly trained educators who are experts in their field of study.  Our aligned, Nigerian and British International Curriculum, prepares students for success on both national and international examinations, and our research based, tiered instructional strategies facilitate mastery of both Nigerian and Cambridge International Curriculum Standards. Students also receive instructional and test taking practice to be successful on the ACT and SAT

Our data driven instructional approach and progress monitoring is focused on students’ academic and intellectual growth, and our full-time learning support team gives one-on-one instructional support and interventions to students with learning differences. Our academic program is designed to allow all students to reach proficiency in all content areas.   We also offer co-curricular activities that allow students to engage in learning beyond the classroom environment and allow students to build capacity in 21st Century Learning Skills & Outcomes.

Olumawu School is not only a learning environment for students.  Our teachers receive continuous professional development training and coaching that allow them to implement  research based instructional and intervention strategies into a student centered, engaging learning environment.  Our teachers embrace the life-long learner and growth mindset and believe that students have the capacity, ability and desire to learn.

Our beautiful campus is equipped with science, technology, and arts integrated learning laboratories.  Our modern boarding facility offers JS1-SS3 students a secure, nurturing residential environment, equipped with 24-hour on-site security and CCTV monitoring.

Olumawu is proud to be one of the pioneering schools in Abuja.  Standing firm in the motto of Academic Excellence, Strong Moral Discipline and Service to God and Humanity, we strive to make sure our students leave our school prepared to be productive and model citizens in the global community.



Build and support a team of professional educators.


Work together to provide quality education and an exemplary learning environment


Recognize and celebrate Nigeria’s international and culturally diverse community.


Give our students a headstart in well-rounded learning.